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Robotic Vaccuum Cleaner.

Robotic Vaccuum Cleaner

Building a vaccuum cleaner involves more responcibility than one can possibly handle. Will it work? Will it try to kill you? Will it fall in love with your lawn mover and run away?

In other words, one needs to stop and think hard. And possibly, to run a simulation or two. You know, like when a child wants a doggy, and you tell him to get a rock first, to walk it, to feed it; and when, two weeks later, the rock dies of starvation, you tell your kid: "no, see, you are just not ready".

This is a rather simple Vaccuum Cleaner project.

First, we create a simulation. You can build and furnish an appartment (you can add new types of furniture, if a supplied set is insufficient), you can fine-tune the algorithm your virtual VC uses to walk around the appartment and so on.

This is intended as an example, a preparatory step to building a real thing; that means, the algorythm is far from perfect. Yet it is open (see code in the left pane), so you can improve it, if necessary.

Second... Well, to be continued...

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