ROS2 Tutorial: Fixing Gazebo Gripper

Building and Running

It looks same as for the earlier tutorials:

                    cd ~/SnowCron/ros_projects/harsh
                    colcon build --packages-select arm_03
                    source install/setup.bash
                    ros2 launch arm_03
                    cd ~/SnowCron/ros_projects/harsh
                    source install/setup.bash
                    ros2 run arm_03 trajectory_points_act_server

Getting and setting object pos. You can run these commands, to see cube actually moves:

                    ros2 service call /get_entity_state gazebo_msgs/GetEntityState '{name: box_01, reference_frame: world}'
                    ros2 service call /set_entity_state gazebo_msgs/SetEntityState "state: {name: box_01, pose: {position:{x: 10.5, y: 0.0, z: 0.0}}, reference_frame: world}"

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