ROS2 and Gazebo: Adding roads to 3d world from a graph

Compiling and Running

Compile multi_bot_nav_02 (available in earlier section) and run it in "simple" mode, while pointing at world that uses the textured mesh we just created.

                    # Terminal 1
                    # echo $ROS_DISTRO
                    # galactic
                    # source /opt/ros/galactic/setup.bash
                    $ cd ~/SnowCron/ros_projects/harsh
                    $ colcon build --packages-select multi_bot_nav_02
                    $ source install/setup.bash
                # To run a single robot without SLAM or Map (robot name in code is set to ""):
                $ ros2 launch multi_bot_nav_02 world:=src/worlds/perfect_world.sdf
                    map:=src/maps/map.yaml keepout_mask:=src/maps/keepout_mask.yaml
                    rviz_config_file:=src/multi_bot_nav_02/rviz/simple_single.rviz mode:=simple

Note that I used perfect_world.sdf, a new world that refers to a newly created textured mesh.

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