Robots and Robotics: DIY Guides

Serious about studying Robotics? Then you need to have 3d Printer. Yes, you can do without it... But it will slow you down, big time. And by the way, it is possible to achieve with $100 budget.

Building Robotic Arm

  1. Robotics Shoulder - 1
    An introduction to building a DIY robotic shoulder. Often, people rush into assembling robotic arms, downloading ideas from the internet... Well, if you only want it to be able to lift a match box, that's fine. But for anything strong you either need to forget about cheap plastic solutions (and steel is 100 times more expensive), or keep certain pointers in mind. Here we go.

Robotic VC

Few experiments in building a robotic vacuum cleaner / washer.

  1. VC Platform
  2. VC Platform I
  3. Floor Washer DIY
  4. VC Simulator
    This is a test suite allowing any one familiar with JavaScript to build a simple algorythm for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner navigation. If you are going to create a professional level robotic VC, you will, most likely, need something like this, at least as a starting point.

    This is an unfinished work in progress, hence few versions instead of a single, final one.

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