Dock to battery charger

Aruco codes

Aruco codes are small bar "chessboards" of black and white squares that can be used to align a robot. We are going to put such marker on the docking station, so the robot can align with it.

The following script will produce an image with code "42" and with size 5x5:

                    # This code will create an image for one of Aruco default markers
                    import cv2
                    # Define the dictionary to use
                    dictionary = cv2.aruco.getPredefinedDictionary(cv2.aruco.DICT_5X5_100)
                    # Generate the marker image
                    marker_size = 200  # in pixels
                    marker_id = 42
                    marker_image = cv2.aruco.drawMarker(dictionary, marker_id, marker_size)
                    # Save the marker image as a PNG file
                    cv2.imwrite("aruco_marker_42.png", marker_image)

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