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Changes to nav2_params.amcl

To take advantage of AMCL, we need to "tell" it to use our sensors. The following code should be added to nav2_params.amcl (a complete file is available in the archive by the link above):

                        plugin: "nav2_amcl/AMCL"
                        use_odometry: true
                        # Odometry parameters
                        odom_frame_id: "odom"
                        odom_topic: "/odom"
                        base_frame_id: "base_link"
                        # Global frame
                        global_frame_id: "map"
                        # Laser parameters
                        laser_frame_id: "laser"
                        laser_topic: "/scan"
                        use_scan_matching: True
                        scan_matcher_translational_weight: 0.1
                        scan_matcher_rotational_weight: 0.2
                        # IMU parameters
                        use_imu: True
                        imu_frame_id: "imu"
                        imu_topic: "/imu/data"
                        # Camera parameters
                        use_camera: True
                        camera_frame_id: "camera"
                        camera_topic: "/camera/image_raw"                         

As you can see, we are simply listing sensors and topics to use.

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