ROS2 Tutorial: Simple Gripper


Setting up Controllers

You have probably already noticed that this section closely resembles the "robotic arm" one. Here, as before, we need to specify a controller for to control the linear actuator of a gripper. And as it was described before, I am not going to repeat.

Gazebo Controller

armA.gazebo_config_control.xacro contains code for Gazebo controller. It is "inherited" from the arm_01 tutorial, but in addition to 6 joints of a robotic arm, it now has an extra joint (just one, as we used mimic to link two fingers together!) for a gripper:


Controller config file

Again, "inherited" from arm_01 project, so I am not going to repeat the explanation. We need to add an extra joint here so that controller is aware of its existence.


As you can see, we have added gripper_joint_left_1, that's all.

Transmission Controller

armA.transmission.xacro gets a new section for gripper:


As you can see, we reuse all the functionality we have created for robotic arm earlier.

Internal Configuration Controller

armA.internal_config.xacro gets a new section for gripper. Please note that, as I am focused on visual appearance of a gripper and on control, I haven't verified its physical properties yet. It will be done in one of the later sections.


Bumper Controller

armA.bumper_config.xacro is still not used and will most likely be modified and moved from joint6 to a gripper. There is no point in doing it until we try to grab some real objects. Let's ignore it for now.

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